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experimental formatting of equality bill April 29, 2009

Posted by Bradley in : Uncategorized , trackback

This week the UK government published a huge Equality Bill and did so in a new format: if you use the pdf version you can see the explanatory notes and bill text on facing pages, rather than having to read the two documents separately. There’s an html version which is easier to read: setting the pdf reader to to see two pages side by side means the text is tiny on my monitor, and in trying to align the bill text and explanations they had to include a lot of empty space in the printed text. But the cost of the html version is you have to click around a lot – it is divided up into small chunks- and this is a bit irritating. Even though I ‘m pretty wedded to pdf format documents as a general rule, I think it is easiest to read the “interwoven” html version. But the drafting is very, very complicated – it’s not particularly user friendly in that respect.


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