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lying as normal October 14, 2015

Posted by Bradley in : truth , trackback

It is surprisingly hard to find a link to this, but there’s a Best Buy ad I have seen a few times recently. A girl is doing a science project and the video of the simulated volcanic eruption isn’t as impressive as she would like so her Dad goes to Best Buy and buys what is probably an expensive screen on which she can display her unimpressive video in a way that looks impressive. The tag li[n]e: “So even small successes can be big triumphs.”
The takeaways: people who have money to burn can do better on school science fair projects than people who don’t and lying is OK. If you can present what you have done as being exceptional [by the application of money] it doesn’t matter that it is merely ordinary.
Obvious, but depressing.

October 21 update: The line is actually “So even small successes can look like big triumphs.” For a few days I saw the ad a couple of times without this line. I just saw it again with that line included. Encouraging a new generation to prepare for work at Volkswagen and other large corporations?


1. Sam - October 17, 2015

I’m looking for a link of the same ad. Even better is that in the beginning it says something like “sometimes you special project is a big disappointment” and then pans from the dad to the daughter, implying that she’s a failure. So he consoles himself by getting the tv. It’s a horrible ad.