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contracts materials spring 2013

Course Materials

Contracts Class Policies Spring 2013

The Treadmill Problem:
Why I Do Not Have A Treadmill (Sears Can’t Deliver)
Monday Treadmill Update
Tuesday Sears Update: Important Information About Your Treadmill
On the Treadmill Treadmill
Sears Treadmill Saga Notes
Sears Feels the Power of the Press
The Grand Finale (Probably)

facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

David R. Johnson, David G. Post, & Marc Rotenberg, Governing Online Spaces: Virtual Representation (Jan. 2013)

University of Miami School of Law Student Handbook and Honor Code 2012-13

Physician-Patient Arbitration Agreement

Note on Neri

Liquidated Damages Question

AT&T Mobility v Concepcion

Spring 2013 Contracts Exam (Memo on the Spring 2013 Contracts Exam)

Contracts Midterm (Fall 2011) (Memo on the Fall 2011 Contracts Midterm)

Fall 2011 Contracts Exam (Exam Memo)

Spring 2011 Contracts Exam (Exam Memo)

Florida UCC Art. 2

Florida Statute of Frauds

Florida Statute s. 542.335 (valid restraints of trade or commerce)

Florida Statutes