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risk and regulation

EU Commission, Better Regulation page.

RRAC, Response with responsibility, Policy making for public risk in the 2ist century (May. 2009) Government Response (Dec. 2009)

FSA, The FSA’s Risk-Assessment Framework (Aug. 2006)

FSA, The FSA’s Risk-Assessment Framework. A Guide for Non-Executive Directors (Nov. 2006)

FSA, Transparency as Regulatory Tool, DP 08/3 (May 2008)

Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, Regulatory Budgets: A Consultation Document (Aug. 2008)

Risk and Regulation Advisory Council

House of Commons, Regulatory Reform Committee, Getting Results: the Better Regulation Executive and the Impact of the Regulatory Reform Agenda, HC 474-I (Jul. 17, 2008)

Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, Regulators Compliance Code. Statutory Code of practice for Regulators (Dec. 17, 2007)

BERR, Better Regulation

How HSE meets the obligations in the statutory Regulators’ Compliance Code

EU Commission, Draft of the Risk Assessment Guidelines for non-food Consumer Products

Parliamentary Ombudsman, Equitable Life: a decade of regulatory failure, 4th Report-Session 2007-2008, HC 815i (Session 2007-2008)

A quantitative risk-based approach to the transparency on non-equity investment products by the Quantitative Analisys Unit – Consob English version N. 63 Studi e Ricerche (April 2009) (Un approccio quantitativo risk-based per la trasparenza dei prodotti d’investimento non-equity a cura dell’Ufficio Analisi Quantitative – Consob N. 63 Studi e Ricerche (Aprile 2009) (and risk.net article))


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