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securities disclosure and state sponsors of terrorism November 19, 2007

Posted by Bradley in : Uncategorized , trackback

Of all the disclosure related issues securities regulators might have at the top of their lists, enhancing access to disclosures of issuers’ activities in or links with state sponsors of terrorism doesn’t seem like the most urgent. But on Friday the SEC issued a Concept Release on the subject. The first question says it all for me:

The Commission does not provide enhanced access to disclosures concerning other specific subject areas. Should we do so in this case? Why or why not?

The other questions aren’t bad either. Here’s the second:

Would providing easier access to companies’ disclosures of business in or with State Sponsors of Terrorism place appropriate emphasis on that issue or would it place undue emphasis? Would providing for easier access to such disclosures be consistent with the Commission’s mission of protecting investors, maintaining fair, orderly and efficient markets, and facilitating capital formation?


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