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what about money June 7, 2008

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The FSA has a new website with financial advice for young adults, called what about money?. The Press Release announcing the website states:

In building the website, the watchdog has engaged with young adults and asked them what information they want, how they want it provided, and who they want it from. The site is broken down into life stages and subjects that young adults told the FSA that they were most interested in….
This young adults website has been developed in partnership with YouthNet – a charity with expertise in communicating with this age group – on some of the content. The site also links to the FSA’s main consumer website – www.moneymadeclear.fsa.gov.uk – which aims to cut out confusing jargon and give consumers the impartial facts about financial products and services, helping them to make informed decisions.

The website has forums for discussion, and links to online resources available at other websites. It is advertised as impartial financial information, but is not completely separated from financial firms. For example, the site links to resources at Get Safe Online, a site which describes itself as being “sponsored by the British government and leading businesses to give you free, objective advice”. One of the leading business sponsors is HSBC. I find the format a bit clunky – because they have decided to point readers to resources in various places rather than setting out information on the one site it isn’t very easy to find exactly what you might want to know. The moneymadeclear site is much better organised in this respect (many of the resources linked to are in fact here). But if millenials really aren’t into linear thinking, perhaps this format works for the target readership.


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