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representations of women in the context of policy March 13, 2009

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For the last couple of days or so the top item in the “In the Spotlight” section of the English Language version of the Europa front page has been Poll backs more women in politics but no quotas: tell us your views. The story links to the Parliament’s website.

Immediately to the left of this item is the following picture, apparently of women cheering or dancing:

women dancing

The story reports the results of a poll which showed that over two thirds of those polled thought that politics was male dominated, and that:

women are more concerned than men about the economic situation, risks of globalisation and its likely impact of the euro. Women also want the EP to push for time spent looking after children at home to be counted towards pension entitlements

However, although the story isn’t very positive, the same image appears on the Parliament’s website with the following text underneath:

28% of women polled said they would vote in the June European elections.

Note that this says 28% would vote not that only 28% planned to vote. Perhaps the women in the picture are really throwing up their hands in horror?

[March 16th: I had to edit this post after the link to the picture of women turned into a link to a picture of a tractor which went with a story about simplification of the CAP – apparently not an issue women get excited about.]


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