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joining eu like getting married? September 9, 2009

Posted by Bradley in : eu , trackback

Iceland didn’t yet manage to seal a union with the EU on this auspicious date, but the EU’s Commissioner for Enlargement, Ollie Rehn, was at least discussing the proposal for Iceland to join the EU, analogising the union between Member States and the EU to a marriage:

We can compare the commitment to EU membership to a commitment to marriage . The wedding normally takes place only after a longer or shorter courtship, during which the pros and cons of the union are thoroughly assessed… the European Union is not only a marriage of convenience. It is also a marriage of shared spirit and commitment to our common political endeavours, which aim at achieving peace through integration, and pooling our sovereignty for freedom and liberty, prosperity and solidarity, inside and outside Europe.

I’m not sure we should take this analogy much further….


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