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fsa on competitiveness October 5, 2009

Posted by Bradley in : financial regulation , trackback

Publishing new standards for liquidity, the FSA (pursuing its agenda of reinventing itself as a tough regulator) responds to those who argue that if the UK imposes more stringent regulation, firms subject to regulation in the UK will find it harder to compete with other, less strictly regulated firms as follows:

We maintain that, even though our new regime will require a considerable change to firms’ liquidity risk-management practices, strengthened liquidity requirements can bring substantial long-term benefits to the competitiveness of the UK financial services sector. London’s competitive position depends importantly on counterparties’ perception of the financial soundness of the firms that operate here. Low levels of financial soundness cannot provide sustainable long-term competitive advantage. It is in every firm’s interest to demand strong liquidity standards for its competitors, as the current crisis has shown that the weakest firm can precipitate a market-wide crisis of confidence affecting all firms.


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