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consulting the “general public” February 8, 2010

Posted by Bradley in : consultation , trackback

The EU’s consultation on information sharing between the EU and the US, which purports to invite responses from stakeholders, including the “general public” doesn’t really seemed geared to generating responses from the public at large. It’s full of jargon and probably only makes sense to people who know quite a lot about the subject matter already (although the consultation page does provide links to relevant documents):

Should the agreement provide for modalities and consequences of “accountability”, e.g. internal and external review procedures? Should the agreement notably provide for a joint review mechanism?.. If there is no possibility to directly access one’s own personal data for justified reasons, should the agreement provide for the possibility of indirect verification through an independent authority responsible for the oversight of the processing in the sending or recipient country?.. Should the modalities for transparency and assistance to data subjects by US and EU data protection supervisory authorities be spelled out in the agreement?


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