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e-government May 18, 2011

Posted by Bradley in : consultation , trackback

The CFPB invites reactions to two different mortgage loan disclosure formats from consumers and from the mortgage industry. The second pages of the 2 page forms are virtually identical. The first page varies a bit in how the information is presented. The feedback mechanism is described on the web page as a tool: there is a “consumer tool” and an “industry tool”. The “tools” offer respondents the opportunity to make up to 4 comments on the details of the form (and then there’s an additional opportunity to comment later). It might be nice to see how many people who self-identified as being part of each group were responding. But it’s a good example of a consultation that asks people interested in a particular issue for their own reactions to a specific mechanism for delivering information.

Meanwhile, the UK has a much broader (and therefore hard to get a handle on what is going on within it) Red Tape Challenge. Here the idea is to justify doing away with rules rather than to make the rules work more effectively. Within the broad consultation there is a section on consumer information and protection that asks generally what should be changed. It’s possible to see the comments as they are made, but the formlessness of the consultation isn’t very satisfactory.


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