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brussels “fact-finding” conference on financial conglomerates May 24, 2012

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Is to take place on June 28:

The conference is an integral part of fact-finding on the regulatory framework applicable to financial conglomerates. It will allow for a wide public hearing devoted to the review of financial conglomerates’ legislative framework. It aims to contribute to a fundamental review of the objectives and features of the current Financial Conglomerates Directive (FICOD). Depending on the final outcome of the FICOD review, a proposal for an amendment of the FICOD directive might be tabled in 2013 with a view to further harmonising the definition of conglomerates, the scope of supplementary supervision and the powers available to supervisory authorities.
Speakers will represent, among others, the international supervisory community from G20 and EU countries, expert lawyers in the financial sector and of course the conglomerates themselves.

Of course.

The system for registration suggests there will be some selectivity:

If you would like to attend the conference, please complete the on-line questionnaire.
You will receive a computer-generated acknowledgement immediately after you have completed the on-line questionnaire and, at a later date, those selected will receive an invitation to participate by email.


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