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eu citizen participation and the european ombudsman April 19, 2013

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On April 23 the European Ombudsman is organizing an event (focusing on solving the economic crisis and building a clean and healthy Europe) at the European Parliament:

to help focus on European citizens and how they can concretely contribute to shaping the European Union, either by using the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), by turning to the European Ombudsman, or by mobilising large groups of citizens to carry out grassroots initiatives.

The event will be streamed live.

strange wording of disclaimer on burford capital website April 18, 2013

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The beginning of the disclaimer (a pop-up on the investor relations section of the website) reads:

Viewing the information contained on this site may not be lawful in certain jurisdictions. In certain jurisdictions only certain categories of person may be permitted to view this information. The information published or made available via this site is not intended to be published or made available in any jurisdiction where to do so would result in the breach of any applicable law or regulation in that jurisdiction or would subject the manager, adviser, distribution adviser, placing agent or broker to any registration or licensing requirement in that jurisdiction.

Surely what they mean to say is that making the information available may not be lawful. But this is written to suggest that reading it may not be lawful.

Meanwhile the annual report, which notes they had a “splendid year” is generally available.