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consumers and financial regulation


Memorandum of Understanding between the Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Services Authority (Dec. 2009)

OFT, FSA, Delivering better regulatory outcomes – December 2009 final update

BBA, BSA, Payemnts Council, Industry Guidance for FSA Banking Conduct of Business Sourcebook (Dec. 2009)

BBA, BSA, UK Cards Association, The Lending Code (Nov. 2009)

Ministry of Justice, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills & The Insolvency Service, Debt Management Schemes – Delivering Effective and Balanced Solutions for Debtors and Creditors, Consultation Paper CP09/09 (Sep. 18, 2009)


Office of Fair Trading, Financial Services Strategy: A Consultation Document (April 2009)

Office of Fair Trading, Irresponsible Lending – A Scoping Paper (Aug. 2008)


FSA, The assessment and redress of payment protection insurance complaints (Sep. 2009)

FSA, Regulating sale and rent back – the full regime (Sep. 2009)

FSA, Consumer responsibility: Feedback on DP08/5 (Sep. 2009)

Consumer Purchasing and Outcomes Survey, Consumer Research 76 (2008 Report)

FSA, Retail Distribution Review – Interim Report (April 2008)

FSA, A Review of Retail Distribution DP 07/1 (Jun. 2007)

FSA, Treating Customers Fairly: Progress Update (Jun. 2008)

Competition Commission:
Competition Commission, Market Investigation into Payment Protection Insurance, Final report (Jan. 29, 2008)

Competition Commission, Market Investigation into Payment Protection Insurance Provisional Findings Report (June 5, 2008)

Competition Commission, Store Card Credit Services.


Directive 2009/14/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2009 amending Directive 94/19/EC on deposit-guarantee schemes as regards the coverage level and the payout delay

EU Commission, Consultation on Financial Inclusion: Ensuring access to a basic bank account (Feb 2009)

Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the coordination of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relating to undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS), COM (2008) 0458

CESR Communications Officer Job Description

ACU, Questionnaire on Simplified Prospectus for Retail Investors (May 31, 2007)

CESR Charter (2006)


GAO, Reverse Mortgages: Product Complexity and Consumer Protection Issues Underscore Need for Improved Controls over Counseling for Borrowers, GAO-09-606 (Jun. 29, 2009)

GAO, Financial Literacy and Education Commission: Progress Made in Fostering Partnerships, but National Strategy Remains Largely Descriptive Rather Than Strategic, GAO-09-638T (Apr. 29, 2009)


Public Consultation on Product Suitability, Joint Standing Committee on Retail Investor Issues (Dec. 17, 2008)

Financial Education

European Database for Financial Education

Financial Education (regulator sites)

InvestRight (BCSC)


National Consumer Law Center, Preemption and Regulatory Reform: Restore the States’ Traditional Role as “First Responder” (Sep. 2009)

Consumers International


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