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little england rather than great britain May 11, 2015

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What we have to look forward to after the election: more austerity, more deregulation, fewer rights for the disadvantaged, the poor, the helpless (more cuts to public services, more stress for those who can least bear it, no human rights, just money rights), a reduction in Britain’s stature in the world (talk about leaving the EU, reductions in financial regulation to prevent business moving offshore): in a few years it really will no longer be possible to use the terminology of “Great Britain.”

rethinking insider trading regulation May 11, 2015

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My new post at Jotwell: Caroline Bradley, Rethinking Insider Trading Regulation, JOTWELL (May 11, 2015) (reviewing Yesha Yadav, Insider Trading in Derivatives Markets, 103 Georgetown L.J. 381 (2015) and Yesha Yadav, Structural Insider Trading, Vanderbilt Law and Economics Research Paper No. 15-8 (March 27, 2015)), http://corp.jotwell.com/rethinking-insider-trading-regulation/.