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EU Spring 2012

Spring 2012 Archive

Spring 2012 Exam

Class Policies

Charles Grant, Nothing to Celebrate (Jan. 4, 2012)

EU Commission, Commission Work Programme 2012: Delivering European Renewal COM(2011) 777 (Nov. 15, 2011)

Martin Schulz’s speech on being elected as President of the EU Parliament

EU Materials Part 1: Introduction

The Development of the EU (Tables)

EU Materials Part 2: The Effect of EU Law

Outline for Ramon Mullerat Talk, February 22, 2012

Council Directive 2000/78/EC of 27 November 2000 establishing a general framework for equal treatment in employment and occupation, OJ No. L 303/16 (Dec. 2, 2000)

Materials Part 3: Age Discrimination

Antoine Vauchez, “Integration Through Law”: Contribution to a Socio-History of EU Political Commonsense, EUI, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Working Paper No. 2008/10 (Vauchez 1)

Antoine Vauchez, Embedded Law – Political Sociology of the European Community of Law: Elements of a Renewed Research Agenda, EUI, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Working Paper No. 2007/23 (Vauchez 2)

Materials Part 4: Free Movement of Goods

Paper Assignment (Memo on the Paper Assignment)

Advocate General’s opinion in Frabo SpA

Olympique Lyonnais SASP v Olivier Bernard & Newcastle United FC, Case C-325/08, March 16, 2010

International Transport Workers’ Federation, Finnish Seamen’s Union v Viking Line ABP, Case C-438/05 (Dec. 11, 2007)

Ioannis Lianos & Damien Gerard, Shifting Narratives in European Economic Integration: Trade in Services, Pluralism and Trust, Law and Governance in Europe Working Paper Series 11/2011 (Feb. 2011)

Notes on Art 34 TFEU and Horizontal Direct Effect

Arts 101 and 102 TFEU

Commission Communication on Developing the European Dimension in Sport COM(2011) 12 (Jan. 18, 2011)

EU Exam Spring 2010

Europa newspaper project

Basic Documents

Treaty on the European Union and Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (Consolidated Version, OJ C 83/1 Mar. 30, 2010)

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (OJ C 83/389, Mar. 30, 2010)

Spring 2012 Exam


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