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spring 2009 materials


First Class Materials

Materials Packet 1: Introductory Class Materials.

GAO, Financial Regulation: A Framework for Crafting and Assessing Proposals to Modernize the Outdated U.S. Financial Regulatory System, GAO – 09-216 (Jan 2009)

Materials Packet 2: International Finance: Sovereigns

PrivateBank and Trust Company Subordinated Term Loan Agreement (Sept. 2008).
(As you read the agreement, please consider the following features and questions: 1. The structure of the transaction – it is a syndicated loan with a group of banks as lenders and an administrative agent bank. What is the role of the administrative agent? 2. The provisions of the agreement which are designed to protect the interests of the lenders (conditions precedent, representations and warranties, covenants, events of default). 3. Are there provisions designed to protect the interests of the borrower? 4. What is the governing law? What courts or tribunals have jurisdiction over disputes under this agreement? 5. The agreement provides for assignment and for the sale of participations in the loan. What does the agreement say about the differences between assignment and the sale of participations? 6. The agreement contains provisions relating to Libor (the definition, a provision for what happens should it become impossible to determine Libor, and an illegality provision). 7. Note the increased costs clause.)

Materials Packet 3: Syndicated Loans I.

Materials Packet 4: Syndicated Loans II.

LSTA Code of Conduct

LSTA Confidential Information Supplement

Materials Packet 5: Syndicated Loans III

Materials Packet 6: Banking Regulation and Securities Regulation

Basel Committee/IADI, Core principles for effective deposit insurance systems – consultative document (Mar. 2009)

Basel Committee, Range of practices and issues in economic capital frameworks (Mar 2009) (please read to page 38 of this document, and ignore the appendices).

EU Deposit Insurance, to be read together with the EU’s 2009 Directive.

Basel Capital Adequacy Requirements

Turner Review: A regulatory response to the global banking crisis

Spring 2009 Archive